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USS Trenton LPD engine room main guarding steam valve ruptures, instantly killing four sailors and burning six others, two of whom later die from burns. While operating off Vietnam, a turret fire and explosion in Newport News CA kills 20 and injures another 36 sailors. Two sailors injured in premature shell explosion on Henry B. Wilson DDG-7 off Saigon. Commander A. One crew member killed and another injured. Kennedy CV in the Mediterranean. One Kennedy crewman killed, seven Belknap crewmen killed and 47 injured.

USS John F. Russell Eugene Ward and perhaps others died. Low-flying P-3 Orion from VP-??? Seven crewmen killed. Steam accident in Saratoga CV during overhaul at Philadelphia injures ten. Two sailors drown, one rescued. Killed 6. Explosion and fire killed two crewmen and injured sixteen others aboard USS Midway, which was conducting routine flight operations miles off Japan's Pacific coast. The initial explosion was in a fourth-deck storeroom, a second explosion occurred in the same store room 45 minutes later.

Three sailors were injured when a Marine sentry fired a. Marine 1st Lt. Michael N. Monroe was killed and three other Marines injured when their HMMWV, went over an embankment and dropped about 20 feet. The Marines were shifting camp sites in night training exercises. Ten sailors were killed when a steam valve ruptured aboard USS Iwo Jima, which was in the Arabian Sea to take part in amphibious landing exercises on 31 October. Helicopter accident off USS Tripoli. One Marine killed and two wounded when their convoy which was returning from an artillery operation was hit by cluster bomb munitions apparently by "friendly fire.

The carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system discharged inexplicably, suffocating two sailors and fatally wounding a third. The men were working in a paint storage locker. Carl A. Gumpert, Jr. Scott S. Jensen, CPL. Michael E. Passaro, LCPL. Wayne E. King, and Seaman Apprentice Caleb Sutton were flown to Camp Pendleton's Naval Hospital for treatment of minor injuries, after being pulled from the water.

The aircraft was conducting a medical evacuation mission with suspected appendicitis victim Seaman Sutton. Martinique, a naval doctor, was accompanying the patient when the "Huey" went into the water. Kevin Wensig was rescued by a fishing boat from Currituck Sound before both were taken to local hospitals, treated for minor injuries and released. Missing and presumed dead are LT.

Airman Brian Darley was rescued from the sea by a boat from Trenton LPD and treated for a hip dislocation, broken wrist and minor scrapes and bruises. Inchon had commenced a scheduled six-month Mediterranean Sea deployment on 5 January 10 January The pilot, LT Adam Kaff, was rescued by helicopter, treated for minor injuries and released. All four crew members ejected safely and were treated and released from the hospital with minor injuries. The aircraft was conducting training operations. A fire broke out aboard George Washington CVN at the starboard aft fueling station sending 13 sailors to sick bay with smoke inhalation injuries.

The fire damaged the refueling station, an aviation equipment test station and three adjacent compartments. All of the injured were treated and back to duty by the next morning. The fire was extinguished in about an hour and normal flight operations resumed. Airborne aircraft were diverted to Italian airfields and flight deck aircraft were moved from danger. Laurence B.

Williams, LT. Both pilots ejected; Navy LT.

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LT jg Shawn Inman ejected safely from the first aircraft, was treated for minor injuries and released. LT jg Brian S. DeHaan, the pilot of the second aircraft, was unable to eject and was killed in the crash. It was the first solo for both student pilots. Two F Tomcats from Dwight D.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Two aviators were lost at sea when their aircraft crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. LT Eric A. Hamm and LT John J. Dunne, Jr. SGT Ernest A. Miller, III, killed and four others injured. The pilot died. Instructor pilot LT David J. Moorehouse seriously injured. SGT Justin A. Harris lost at sea. Four aircrew members recovered with minor injuries. F "Tomcat" from VF crashed about 75 miles off the Virginia coast while conducting a routine training mission. All 11 crew members were treated for minor injuries after rescue by Oman Air Force helicopters. Bowser was killed. AO1 Christopher W.

Moseley was injured. All 4 crew members ejected approximately miles west of North Island and were recovered after less than an hour in the water by an SHF belonging to HS-8, also on board Nimitz. The four crewmen, who escaped serious injury, were LCdr.

Georgia O'Keeffe - Wikipedia

Paul Hennes, mission commander; Lts. Norman Weakland and LT. Michael G. The Tomcat's pilot, LT. Neal P. Gusewelle, suffered burns on their faces and hands. A helicopter from HS-6 embarked on Lincoln also participated in the rescue. Kevin Guth, LT. The helicopter crashed while supporting nighttime training operations with Guam LPH 9. The body of AT2 Daniel R. Biddle, 26, was recovered by searchers operating from Guam.

Not recovered and presumed dead are LT. Ronald J. Mobayed, LT. Vogel, and AT3 Eric M. HH-1 "Huey" search and rescue helicopter based at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, crashed in a remote area about 20 miles southwest of Lake Tahoe, while participating in a civilian search and rescue effort.

Jeffries ejected prior to the crash and suffered minor injuries. MAJ Michael D. Rice, 1st LT Joseph R. Fandrey, 1st LT Arthur J. Garmon, and an Army sergeant were killed. The pilot, LT Craig M. Munsen was killed. Hussey were killed. Mulkey, USMC, was killed. The student pilot, 1st LT Michael Warda, was killed. Nine survivors were recovered. D'Eredita were killed. Baker, and AW2 Edward J. Kos were killed. Airman Nadia T. The search for her was called off after 28 hours.

Tsoris were killed. One pilot was killed. The five occupants were killed. The pilot, LT Jonathan Nolan, was killed. AW2 Michael DeWitt was killed, and nine other occupants received minor injuries.

One aircraft safely landed. Two crew members were killed and two injured. Both crews ejected. Four killed. The four crew members sustained minor injuries. Kennedy CV in the Arabian Gulf. The Osprey was part of a two-plane flight conducting operational evaluation. One plane crashed, killing both aircrew members; the other landed safely.

[Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia] | udocacicikim.ga

The umbilical lines supplying air and communications to Draughon became wrapped around the ship's anchor chain. Strong currents whipped the chain, which hit Draughon and caused him to lose his diving helmet. Fireman apprentice on aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk fell from the top bunk rack and died from a head injury. Jakes Jr. Command Pilot Captain Matthew W.

Winters killed. Marines from 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, injured when an unknown item exploded in a burn pit while they were burning trash at their base camp in Qandahar, Afghanistan. Three Marines injured. Two US Marines assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, were injured when the backblast of a C aircraft disembarking personnel and equipment at Qandahar, Afghanistan, caused two aluminum pallets to blow into the air, landing in the tent area of the Marines.

The injuries were not life threatening. As the driver started the truck, the Corporal jumped off the loading ramp onto the ground behind the truck. The truck jerked backwards pinning him between the truck and the loading ramp. The Corporal suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Morgan killed and five injured. The truck then rolled over. All 8 personnel were airlifted to a local hospital.

A Marine suffered fatal injuries after being struck by the gun section of a M mm howitzer. Two Marines were killed and two injured. Both crewmembers ejected but one was killed. A Sgt. Recruit collapsed while marching with his platoon. Three Parris Island drill instructors might have taken training too far, leading to the collapse of a recruit.

Recruit was taken to a battalion aid station, where he became unconscious, lapsed into a coma, and was transferred to a local hospital and subsequently moved to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Arabian Sea. FA overboard on landing, John C. Upon engagement of the arresting gear, the aircraft's tail hook failed. The aircraft continued off the angle with insufficient flying speed and impacted the water. Both crewmembers ejected and were recovered; only one suffered minor injuries.

Aircraft destroyed. One crew member killed. Terri Sue Fussner, Lt. Aircraft crashed on the Yuma range. The pilot was safely recovered with only minor injuries.

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Camp Pendleton--six marines injured when amphibious assault vehicle overturned during a training exercise on base. A Marine recruit fell out of a 1. Major fell out of training run and was taken to the hospital where he later died. Another SEAL was injured. The mine had apparently been planted by Taliban or al-Qaida forces before they fled the area in December Tragna killed; LT Kevin Quarderer and two civilian crew members injured.

Two contractor owned, contractor operated planes, were taking off in formation; one aircraft aborted and the second aircraft impacted the first. Accident occurred at p. MA1 suffered cardiac arrest during department physical training and died shortly thereafter.


Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War Summary & Study Guide

Seaman recruit collapsed and died while performing physical training at Naval Station Great Lakes. Marine lost control of government-owned-vehicle, resulting in an accident. He later died due to his injuries. Camp Pendleton. Forklift accident, Gunnery Sgt. Jones died from injuries sustained in a forklift accident in which he was trapped underneath the overturned vehicle. Jones was the 3rd Battalion supply chief for the 1st Marine Division.

Lieutenant fell out during physical training at Naval Station Great Lakes and later died. Seabee chief petty officer collapsed during battalion run and later died at hospital. Seven people were missing when two TN apparently collided midair, south of Pensacola, L hrs. A forklift overturned, trapping the Marine driver underneath. Injuries resulted in death. An armored troop carrier rolled over while making a turn resulting in the death of Cpl. The crew was evacuated by small boat to another Navy vessel.

A Coast Guard helicopter rescued two crewmembers who fell into the water. Some crewmembers had injuries that Cmdr. David Koontz described as "bumps and bruises. The vessel remained at the accident site, assisted by frigate Thach, and a submarine support vessel. The submarine had been on a training mission since Monday. The foot-long Dolphin, stationed in San Diego, is the Navy's only diesel-electric research submarine. Commissioned in , it set a record test depth of more than 3, feet. Pilot ejected and recovered with minor injuries.

Several times she took rafting trips down the Colorado River , [21] including a trip down the Glen Canyon , Utah , area in with Webb and photographer Eliot Porter. In , she hired year-old John Bruce Juan Hamilton, a potter, as a live-in assistant and then a caretaker. Hamilton taught O'Keeffe to work with clay and helped her write her autobiography. He worked for her for 13 years. She moved to Santa Fe in , where she died on March 6, at the age of The case was ultimately settled out of court in July O'Keeffe, Red Canna , , watercolor on paper, O'Keeffe, Drawing No.

O'Keeffe, Blue 1 , , watercolor and graphite on paper, Brooklyn Museum. O'Keeffe, No. O'Keeffe, Series 1, No. O'Keeffe, A Storm , , pastel on paper, mounted on illustration board, O'Keeffe was a legend beginning in the s, known as much for her independent spirit and female role model as for her dramatic and innovative works of art.

Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War Lesson Plans

Even though her works may show elements of different modernist movements, such as Surrealism and Precisionism, her work is uniquely her own style. A substantial part of her estate's assets were transferred to the Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation, a nonprofit. In , the U. Postal Service issued a cent stamp honoring O'Keeffe. A fossilized species of archosaur was named Effigia okeeffeae "O'Keeffe's Ghost" in January , "in honor of Georgia O'Keeffe for her numerous paintings of the badlands at Ghost Ranch and her interest in the Coelophysis Quarry when it was discovered".

In November , the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum recognized the importance of her time in Charlottesville by dedicating an exhibition, using watercolors that she had created over three summers. It was entitled, O'Keeffe at the University of Virginia, — It premiered on September 19, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American painter. Georgia O'Keeffe, , photograph by Alfred Stieglitz.

Town of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin , U. Santa Fe, New Mexico , U. Alfred Stieglitz m. Further information: Early works of Georgia O'Keeffe. January 9, Retrieved March 14, Biography Channel. Retrieved January 14, Larass, Petra. Munich: Prestel. November 9, — via Readers' Guide Abstracts. Wisconsin Historical Society. Archived from the original on Retrieved Sun Prairie, WI. Archived from the original on July 29, Sunstone Press.

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The Guardian. Retrieved January 13, Shared Intelligence: American Painting and the Photograph. Univ of California Press. November 20, Retrieved January 19, Women artists: the Linda Nochlin reader. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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