Curse of the Necromancer: Book Three in the Hejate Trilogy

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  1. Curse of the Necromancer: Book Three in the Hejate Trilogy
  2. Anna Brio (Author of Tale of the Protectors)
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Carmel M. In the Midst of a Storm. Arrows Trilogy. Arrows of the queen by Mercedes Lackey Talia, a trainee Herald, must use her untried psychic and empathic powers to protect the Queen of Valdemar and her child from a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy the kingdom.

Curse of the Necromancer: Book Three in the Hejate Trilogy

Arrow's flight by Mercedes Lackey Talia, having mastered her psychic and empathic powers, is chosen to be a Herald by the Companions, but must face a testing period before she becomes the Queen's protector. Arrow's fall by Mercedes Lackey Talia, Herald to the Queen of Valdemar, travels to a neighboring realm to investigate a prince's proposal to marry the Queen's heir, but discovers an evil plot to destroy Valdemar.

Translation of «destar» into 25 languages

Exile's honor : a novel of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey Alberich, a former captain in the Army of Karse, must take a perilous stand when his long-hidden psychic talents are revealed, and he is rescued from certain death and chosen to serve the queen of Valdemar, Karse's archenemy. Exile's Valor by Mercedes Lackey A former captain in the Army of Karse, Herald Alberich must protect King Sendar's daughter, Selenay, the new queen of Valdemar, from the devious members of the Valdemaran Council who unleash a campaign to strip her of her power.

Take a Thief : A Novel of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey Skif, a young orphan living with a miserly uncle, is taken in by a gang of pickpockets led by Bazie, a crippled man who cared for a crew of lost boys, and becomes a master of the thieves' trade, until he is chosen by one of Valdemar's magical horses and is transformed into a herald for the queen. The Mage Winds. Winds of Fate by Mercedes Lackey With the kingdom of Valdemar once more threatened by dark sorcery, Princess Elspeth sets out to find a mentor who can awaken her own magical talents, accompanied by Darkwind, a Tayledras scout with his own extraordinary powers.

Winds of change by Mercedes Lackey Princess Elspeth journeys to the Vale of the Tayledras Clan to seek Mage training among the powerful Hawkbrother Adepts, only to find that she and renegade adept Darkwind must confront the malevolent magic of Ancar of Hardorn. Winds of fury by Mercedes Lackey Herald-Princess Elspeth and her beloved partner, Darkwind the adept, return to Valdemar to confront the evil and powerful Ancar, who once again is threatening her homeland.

Anna Brio (Author of Tale of the Protectors)

The Mage Storms. Storm Warning by Mercedes Lackey Worried about the growing magical power of the Eastern Empire, which for years has been shrouded in mystery, Queen Selenay of Valdemar struggles to bring about an alliance with enemy Karse in order to defeat the evil schemes of Ancar of Hardorn. Storm rising by Mercedes Lackey The sequel to Storm Warning follows the efforts of the kingdoms of Valdemar and Karse--ancient enemies held together in an uneasy alliance--to find the source of the mysterious mage storms before they destroy the world. Storm breaking by Mercedes Lackey In the conclusion to the Mage Storms trilogy, the sequel to the Mage Winds trilogy, the desperate allies of the besieged kingdom of Valdemar sort through the ruins of the ancient stronghold of the legendary wizard, Urtho.

Darian's Tale. Owlflight by Mercedes Lackey When the ransacking of his village forces him to flee into the mystical forest of Pelagris, Darian, the protege of Wizard Justyn, joins the terrifying and mysterious Hawkpeople to lead a desperate assault on his besieged home. Owlsight by Mercedes Lackey Apprenticed to Wizard Justyn after the death of his parents, Darian serves the Hawkbrothers and haunts the ancient woods of Pelagris, until a tragedy puts him on a path of discovery that leads to the treacherous Eastern Empire.

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Owlknight by Mercedes Lackey Several years after his parents' disappearance, Darian has found some peace and prosperity as a Master Mage in the community of Errold's Grove, but when he uncovers evidence that his parents may still be alive, trapped behind enemy lines, he sets out to find them. The Last Herald Mage. Magic's pawn by Mercedes Lackey Chronicles the story of the most powerful Herald-Mage ever born, tracing his growth from youthful arrogance to a position of power and maturity in the kingdom of Valdemar. Magic's promise by Mercedes Lackey With King Randale stricken by a mysterious illness and the powerful Herald-Mage Vanyel at the end of his strength, a neighboring kingdom is threatened by a magical holocaust.

Magic's price by Mercedes Lackey Vanyel, the powerful Herald-Mage, stands alone in the battle against the evil forces threatening the once-peaceful kingdom of Valdemar, accompanied only by his companion, Yfandes. The Mage Wars. The black gryphon by Mercedes Lackey A fantastic odyssey into the magical prehistory of the world of Valdemar--when Valdemar is as yet unformed--follows the perilous quest of the gryphon Skandranon Rashkae as he braves the dark spells and evil forces of Ma'ar.

The white gryphon by Mercedes Lackey Rebuilding their city in the ten years after their ruler is killed, the people of Urtho establish the sanctuary of White Griffin, which is threatened when the envoys of the Black King tell them that the city is on their leader's land. The silver gryphon by Mercedes Lackey The final installment in the series set in the fantasy world of Valdemar follows the children of the Black Gryphon and Amberdrake the Healer as they lead an elite force against a mysterious terror lurking in the rain forest.

Elves on the Road Universe. Bedlam's Bard. Bedlam boyz by Ellen Guon When one of her friends is gunned down, Kayla uses her latent healing powers to heal her friend--and the gang member who shot him--and soon the city's gangs are eager to use her powers for evil. Knight of ghosts and shadows : an urban fantasy by Mercedes Lackey Half a millennium after being driven from Europe and settling in southern California, a band of elves places their hopes on a single human being, who must rescue them from a dark oppressor. Beyond world's end by Mercedes Lackey After his world-saving adventures in Bedlam's Bard, magician-bard Eric Banyon settles in for a quiet life at his new New York apartment, only to discover that his building is a safe-house for a group of occultist Guardians assigned to protect the city from supernatural evil.

Spirits white as lightning by Mercedes Lackey Eric Banyon, a student at Juilliard, has his hands full dealing with a visiting Healer, a banjo-playing Bard, his daughter, a dragon, and school, but now he has to save the world from Aerune mac Audelaine, an evil elf lord who blames humans for the deathof his beloved. Mad maudlin by Mercedes Lackey Discovering that he has an unknown younger brother named Magnus who has run away to escape his dysfunctional family, Eric Banyon, Bedlam's Bard, races against time to find the missing teenager before he falls prey to Bloody Mary, an evil demon that preys on children and destroys anyone who has seen her.

Music to My Sorrow by Mercedes Lackey In the sequel to Mad Maudlin, after rescuing his young brother Magnus from a killer demon, Bedlam's Bard Eric Banyon is forced into a high-stakes custody battle with their tyrannical parents, unaware that his parents have joined forces with evangelist Billy Fairchild, a tool of the evil Unseleighe elves. Diane Tregarde Series. Burning water by Mercedes Lackey Discovering that local cattle mutilations and a series of ritualistic murders are the work of a risen Aztec god, Guardian witch Diana Tregarde and psychic police detective Mark Valdez team up to protect the human race.

By the author of Children of the Night. Children of the night : a Diana Tregarde investigation by Mercedes Lackey When the rock band Wanderlust attracts the attention of Master Jeffries, a psychic vampire who preys on the musicians and their fans, band protector and witch Diana Tregarde prepares for a confrontation with Jeffries with the help of an attractive vampire. Jinx High : A Diana Tregarde Investigation by Mercedes Lackey While enjoying a visit with an old friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Diana Tregarde discovers that a malevolent combination of sex and blood magic is behind relatively normal teenage jealousies and infatuations at the local high school, one ruled by Fay Harper, a powerful sorceress hundreds of years old who takes over the bodies of her own daughters to remain eternally young. Born to run : a novel of the serrated edge by Mercedes Lackey Seeking to make their fortunes in human society, the elves of the underworld involve themselves in stock car racing, child pornography, and worse, and three runaway kids find themselves in a heap of trouble. Wheels of fire : a novel of the serrated edge by Mercedes Lackey When young Jamie Chase is kidnapped by his father and made the victim of a radical cult, his desperate mother, whose resources have run out, is aided by a fun-loving and hard-driving elf.

Translation of «destar» into 25 languages

Chrome circle : a novel of the serrated edge by Mercedes Lackey Thinking he has found his mate for life, rock-music playing and fast-driving mage Tannim finds his dreams complicated by her dragon father, her part-human-part-fox personality, and her apparent desire to kill him. Elvendude by Mark Shepherd Sent to live in another world with altered memories so as to protect him from the evil forces that prey upon his father's kingdom, Prince Adam finds his life turned upside down when his true heritage catches up with him.

Spiritride by Mark Shepherd Immortal biker Randolf "Thorn" Wilson is caught in a battle between an elven king and a mad Prince of the Dark Elves, and must save two mortal biker trainees without risking his own spirit. Lazerwarz by Mark Shepherd Dobie discovers a whole new world when the Lazerwarz arena comes to town, until he finds himself kidnapped by a goddess in disguise, who wants him and other Lazerwarz players to become an army to conquer Underhill, and only Special Agent Samantha McDaris can stop the evil scheme.

Heirs of Alexandria Series. The shadow of the lion by Mercedes Lackey In Venice, Marco and Benito Valdosta take on the mission to stop the evil sorcerer Chernobog and the monster that he has sent to destroy the city, while fleeing the assassins sent by the vicious Duke of Milan, who is out to destroy the ancient House of Valdosta. A mankind witch by Dave Freer In an alternate universe ruled by magic in which the Holy Roman Empire controls Europe, a sacred relic, the Armring of Telmark, is stolen from Odin's temple in a pagan Norway, a theft that could ignite a bloody war with the Empire, unless Corsair-Captain Cair, aided by Prince Manfred of Brittany, can find the missing treasure and rescue Signy, the stepsister of King Vortenbras.

Much fall of blood by Mercedes Lackey The best-selling authors of This Rough Magic are back with the newest installment in the series, in which Prince Manfred and his warrior bodyguard Erik get caught up in a Civil War involving the Mongol's Golden Horde, the magical forces of Valahia, a captive prince named Vlad and wolflike beings disguised as gypsies. Burdens of the dead by Mercedes Lackey A Venetian siege on alternate-universe Constantinople finds Italian captain Benito Valdosta battling a magical manifestation of Hekate in order to save his daughter and destroy the fleets of the Chernobog, an effort that is complicated by Aidonus's resolve to claim the woman Benito loves.

Secret World Chronicle.