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Could we see the four questions determining financial literacy in the survey?

Just to make sure. This return should be adjusted for inflows and outflows meaning that manual payments will not have an effect on the return. I have, however, noticed that Shareville Nordnet cannot calculate return correctly if stocks are transferred from another bank to Nordnet - look up Martininvestor for instance.

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I am interested in the whole portfolio return, and this includes cash. If I should change anything, it would make most sense to change the corresponding benchmark. I am trying to make things simple though so everyone can understand it. Thus, you will see this simplified presentation. Vis mer. Old Dog I have a hunch, MJB, that Nordnet's adjustment for outflows includes trading costs, so their good trader's returns look even better.

Thus the sharpquata do try to account for the volatility. Mabye this would be a better messourment. Lurifax Sharp code is good when you are comparing investmenst every 3 month, but is a pure massure for long term investors. The maximarization of the sharp code favor cash and bonds in a marked with small increases, eventhough they bring no profit. Most bonds only brings potential risk. If you have added bonds T-bonds to a portfolio of stocks SP with a timeframe of 30 years, it would have inceased the sharp code, but the return will decreased too.

I'm make a post on the blog later about this subject in the near future. Old Dog Lurifax, I'm sure you mean 'poor measure' not 'pure measure'. Let's say my Novo holdings suddenly increase quite a lot. That would increase my recorded volatility, but I'd still be a happy man.

Merry Christmas, Finally - green-leaf (greenleaf) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

That's why I'm glad that MJB sticks to returns only - even if trading costs are not included in the Shareville calculation. Also, I do not think that Shareville's volatility calculation takes cash into account. It seems only to include the investments - and to various degrees even. Why people invest in bonds in the present interest scenario is beyond me. It looks like they take on a big risk for very small returns, but they get a nicer Sharpe ratio, of course. Ignoring risks when comparing two Investments usually will bring you into alot of trouble.

That much I am sure of. Old Dog I agree with you on that, What-no-way, calculating risk is what this game is all about, but past volatility does not capture the risk taken, I think, because volatility is not risk. Volatility is just a not-so-good proxy for risk in the Sharpe ratio calculation, so I'll only give it one star. Calculation of risk's is what it's all about. Old Dog Thanks Lurifax, any attempt at nailing down risk is very interesting, I think.

It shows the loss of confidence in credit during the crisis which could have been much worse. Lurifax My clue is that you can't use the statistical models because of the fat tail. Nos avise.

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25 Whole Years Ago, TLC Finally Made Christmas Sound Fun on "Sleigh Ride"

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