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But the strategy of each group is to draw its enemies into massive military intervention. What the stronger party sees as bombs, shells and incidental victims, the other side sees as recruiting officers for their movement and the glue that binds their supporters together, united against a more powerful foe. Why should the West dance to the Islamic State's tune? The final test of military action is whether it will be successful.

Ultimately success must be judged in political terms. In the open-ended military intervention advocated in Iraq and Syria, we can anticipate an increasingly destructive campaign leading eventually to a weary withdrawal, leaving behind dragons' teeth sown to beget even more powerful enemies.

It should not be countenanced. Andrew Hamilton is consulting editor of Eureka Street.

Cadmus Sowing the Dragon's Teeth

If there's one thing that the recent election campaign and its outcome demonstrated, it's the depth of the divisions that exist in our Australian community. Our politics is focused on point-scoring, personalities, and name-calling across party lines.

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The media, for the most part, don't help, driven by the hour news cycle and the pursuit of advertising dollars into a frenzy of click-bait and shallow sensationalism. Eureka Street offers an alternative. It's less a magazine than a wide ranging conversation about the issues that matter in our country and our world; a conversation marked by respect for the dignity of ALL human beings. Importantly, it's a conversation that takes place in the open, unhindered by paywalls or excessive advertising.

And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so.

KMU Episode 13: To Sow the Dragon's Teeth!

Exactly, Andrew. What war did the USA ever stay the distance in? None that I recall so why would this one be any different? Bully boys or peacemakers? Chris 28 August The situation presented is an example of "Damned if we do, and damned if we don't. Every religion seems to embrace this vision of itself, and is fearful of the consequences for its own followers if it admits that 'its interpretation of God's will is just one, that is tailored to their degree of development and culture.

Leaders need to lead, and not be led by short-sighted self-centred 'rabble rousers'. Name 28 August Well said Andrew.

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It is called being 'in a cleft stick'. God help us. Penny 28 August Chris, I think you are being forgetful. World Wars 1 and 2 come to mind, as does Korea. After that, you may well be right. Nevertheless, I think Andrew is spot on. I also think it's time the powers in the Middle East started taking more responsibility for policing their own backyard.

Suadi Arabia is conspicuously absent in any of these struggles. Perhaps it suits the Saudis for the West to continually fall on its sword. ErikH 28 August The doctrine that war is morally justifiable through a series of criteria: "the right to go to war" jus ad bellum and right conduct of war jus in bello.

Modern thought has added a third category to Just War Theory dealing with the morality of post-war settlement and reconstruction jus post bellum. Sowing dragon's teeth in Iraq is an apt description of Just War Theory - jus post bellum. Robert G. Mulligan 28 August Very timely and rigorously argued, thank you. Labor's stance so far is weak - calling for "briefings" doubtless confidential from govt.

Such briefings run risk of implicating Labor in warmaking without proper public, parliamentary debate. Didn't we learn anything from our involvement in Iraq War 2? Here we go again into Iraq War 3, it seems. Tony Kevin 28 August I wonder, Father Hamilton if all those men who flocked to New Guinea when the Japanese threatened death to innocent unarmed civilians in Australia, did so because they thought they would be successful.

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Perhaps they thought they were doing something noble for humanity and civilisation by having the guts to protect the innocent. My father. He was slow to enlist during the 2nd world war, and by the time he did most of the places for men to be army officers were already occupied.

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So he did. I think he was largely uninterested in what the war was about or what was actually happening in New Guinea before he went there. Well, he was just one man. Perhaps the others who flocked had different motives. Janet 28 August Time and again the world and the UN have stood idly by while genocides have taken place in countries such as Cambodia and Rwanda. If we can help prevent this slaughter, we should. How we accomplish this is the difficult question. The Rich Man was condemned not because he was an evil man, but because he was negligent—it was within his power to relieve the suffering of Lazarus, yet he ignored him.

Ross Howard 28 August John Frawley, Why must you equate a borderless 'war' against armed gangs of murderous roaming socio-paths with the Second World War or don't you acknowledge that there is any difference in International Law and public morality?

David Timbs 28 August Dear David Timbs, I was simply suggesting that perhaps the "final test of military action is that it will be successful" may not be correct in many cases and some may feel that the barbarism against innocents should be stopped if necessary by military means. It seems to me that in a highly confused and morally ambiguous situation in the middle east, one thing stands out, and that is that IS needs to be stopped in its attempts to destroy the central Iraqi government as bad as it is and especially the people in the Kurdish enclave.

I would support air power in close support of the Iraqi and Kurdish forces, and any attempts to re-gain control of Christian and other non-Arab minority areas. Eugenew 28 August Thanks Andrew for another illuminating analysis. I had been sympathetic to the idea of going after IS in Syria, but your point that to do so would mean bombing built up areas - given what we've seen in Gaza - makes it a horrifying option. Joe Castley 28 August Carthago delenda est. All sides speak the words of Cato. The endgame is not in sight. Return to Book Page.

The hunt for where dragons go to die! Aisha is ambushed by an old shaman who was sure that she was trying capture him and learn his secrets. The journey will take them across a cursed landscape brimming with foul sorceries and terrible monsters, but the promise of both treasure and revenge is irresistible. Sowing Dragon Teeth is an action-packed heroic fantasy in the vein of classic pulp fiction and thrilling treasure hunts. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details The Iron Disciplines 1. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Cadmus Sowing Dragon's Teeth, Peter Paul Rubens (workshop of), - - Rijksmuseum

Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 02, Niels rated it really liked it. A good start for a new series A story of one woman's quest for revenge against the mythic beast that skew her father but left her with the mark of dragon's blood. Her quest takes her into the woods to fight a host of different foes with questionable allies.